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23.09.2016 05:32 Age: 5 yrs

Meet to Meet the SDG "Food Safety - A question of teamwork and trust"

Meet to Meet the SDG - CSR Calendar Forum on Food Safety in Hanoi on 20 Sept and HCMC on 22 Sept 2016 welcomed 180 participants.

Food safety at a glance is solely consumers’ concern. However, with closer look, it has a strong link to other issues not only of end users but also of business, particularly environment, transparency, and community. Beyond those, food in general and food safety in particular also raise questions about responsibility for next generation. In order to complete a picture of food safety, a Meet to Meet the SDG - CSR Calendar Forum "Food Safety - A question of teamwork and trust" was organized in partnership with Association of Vietnamese Retailers (AVR) in September 2016. The Forum focused on a very hot topic recently, highlighting role of retailers – who connect with the source and give options to consumers and emphasizing the engagement of technology and standard to the issue. 

The Forum also received active participation of other partners: VIAEP, VINACERT, Nhat Nam JSC (Fivimart), Saigon Coop., An Viet JSC (5K Food), Mua Trading and Service JSC. (Organica), etc. Their stories brought some light in gloomy food market. Besides, showcase of UNIDO support as international involvement in food safety was introduced as well.

As trust is keyword for the whole event, a Food Trust Chain was built up by all attendees during the afternoon session. The exercise produced a lot of food for thought and inspired people for holistic approach to the safety matter.

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